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In the lower part of Val di Sole, a prestigious agricultural product is cultivated.  Its name is more often linked to the nearby Val di Non: the apple, actually more precisely the “Melinda” is well known on all international markets.  Of course the numerous dairy products, that are all produced with milk that comes from cows that have grazed among the mountain pastures, cannot be forgotten.  These products range from top-quality butter to ricotta, fresh cheeses such as the "Casolèt" of Val di Sole, local aged cheese and Trentino parmesan cheese.
Not to mention the various cold meats, berries and honey that are also produced.

There are many places throughout the valley where these products can be directly purchased from the producers themselves: artisans and farmers.


The most famous is the "Casolet of Val di Sole", a type of cheese that is made with raw cow’s milk but there are also many other dairy products produced in the valley.


They are cultivated in the lower part of Val di Sole and they proudly bear the Melinda trademark.


During the last few years, Val di Sole has proven itself to be an excellent area for the cultivation of currents, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.


Speck and other meats
A delicious choice of meats and cold meats, amongst which you can't miss to try speck (a type of smoked ham) but also salami, "luganega" (sausage) and smoked bacon.


Honey made in Val di Sole is quite special and rare as it is produced in small quantities.

Gastronomic Events


The Farmer’s Market
At this market, from June to September, it is possible to buy agricultural products directly from the producers.


La Strada della Mela e dei Sapori (The Road of Apples and Flavours)
This association unites farmers, restaurateurs, shopkeepers and hotelkeepers with the common goal of valorizing typical products made in Val di Sole and Val di Non.

Typical products from Val di Sole
  Casolet cheese, strudel, speck, cured sausage, apples, smoked bacon, blueberries, berries, strawberries… are just some of the typical ...

Cheese FestiVal di Sole



A festival of flavours, traditions and culture

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