Art & Craftsmanship

Art is not linked to the past. In Val di Sole, artisanal trades are not only flourishing, they also combine the best and most harmonious of traditions, earlier techniques, and even cultural epochs of our valley with the current needs of a modern market demanding both time-honored traditions and constant innovation.
In val di Sole you’ll find cabinet-markers who make furniture ( traditional and modern) to exact customer specifications; renovators of antique furniture, woodcarvers, metalworkers and smithies who make especially beautiful balcony railings. There are also artisans who work with metal, glass and ceramics ( especially fine examples of ceramic-tile ovens used to manufactered here), or the master blacksmiths who bring forth true works of art from the furnace, like Luciano Zanoni, the famous artist from Caldes whose creations have attracted acclaim as far away as Paris and the USA. To find out more about these professions, you’ll have to tarsck down inconspicuos little workshop hidden in little-travelled byways, but it could open the door to the past for you.

Art and craftsmanship
  Wood carving, ceramics, wrought iron.

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